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Our Mission

We envision seeing the people we support having the opportunity to meet their highest goals and live and thrive within their community.  Our services will be based in Person Centered Thinking (PCT) and will utilize the resources and support services which are available to all citizens in their community.  We see our support role as a mentor, and/or role model who supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in better understanding all of life’s fluctuations and changes whether it be:  in relationships, housing responsibilities, employment, and their emotional stability throughout their own lives.

Our Vision

Our mission is to achieve an environment where those receiving supports have the knowledge and understanding that they are the drivers of their plans. To accomplish this mission by:

  • Using the guidelines set forth in Title 17 §58631 we will achieve an environment where those supported have the knowledge and understanding that they are the drivers of their plans.

  • Creating plans using Person Centered Thinking Tools (including important to/ important for) that emphasizes education, choice and responsibility.

  • Creating a level of transparency within our agency through team development and team interaction (both internally and externally).

Our Values

Respect- We believe that each person deserves respect.

Choice- We believe in informed choice.

          Responsibility-We believe in taking responsibility for out motives, actions, and choices

          Trust, Honesty and Integrity-We believe all people can communicate with integrity and honesty.

          Passion- We believe supporting others is a life’s passion not a “job”.

Consistency- We believe that consistency promotes growth and positive supports for not only the people we support, but also for the support staff themselves.

          Dignity and self-esteem-We believe that each person should be treated with dignity, and encourage high self-esteem, and self-advocacy.

-We strive to have our whole agency operate within the same principles.  Whether it is a person receiving services, or an employee with New Dawn, the expectation is to be treated and respected in the same way as everyone else.  More than that, we believe that the Person Centered Training (PCT) curriculum, and the principles from Professional Assault Crisis Training (Pro-Act) fit into all of our lives, not just those receiving services.

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